Edison Elementary School

James Pluskota

A message from Mr. Pluskota

Welcome to another school year at Edison School.  I am Jim Pluskota and I am privileged and proud to be your school principal.  I am entering my 10th year as the principal of Edison Elementary School and in that time I have learned many valuable lessons and gained a great deal of insight about our community.

We are one of eight elementary schools in the district and happen to be the smallest school (K-5) in Elmhurst School District 205.  Edison has a fine reputation for challenging our students to reach their full potential.  Our students consistently achieve at acceptable levels on our AIMsweb Reading Fluency Assessment and our Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) in Reading and Math.  In fact our school earned the National Blue Ribbon Award in 2010.  More importantly a relatively new initiative from the State of Illinois that impacts each individual student is a term called student growth.  Student growth is measured for each student from fall to spring so we can establish a student’s growth in math and reading as determined nationally and by Elmhurst’s student body as a whole.  My point is, when we look at students we want them to grow from where they are, what they can do and how they can use the information they’ve learned.

Our staff is dedicated to making your child feel comfortable and special each day they are learning at Edison school.  We believe a nurturing environment and positive relationships between staff and students allows your child to develop and grow during their 6 years at our school.  We want your child to look back at their years at Edison with a fondness that lasts well into their adult lives.

Our staff is forever grateful for the continuous and generous support of our parents and PTA. The Edison community is a vibrant group of individuals who value education and realize the importance of persistence, patience and educational achievement for their children.  I’ve learned that the Edison community is a group of well educated successful parents who expect the same level of education and success or higher for each of their children.  Our responsibilities are intertwined, the Edison staff and Edison parents have the same goal and that is; to develop and grow children both socially and academically in our dynamic world.

As I shared in my first sentence, I am privileged and proud to be your school principal.  In this brief note it may be difficult to fully realize that statement, however, I believe if your children are attending our school or you are considering sending your children to Edison School, that statement will resonate with you upon entering our building.

I am here to serve and support our students, parents and staff members.  Please contact me if I can help in any way or answer any of your questions.


Educationally Yours,

Jim Pluskota  


Lunch with the Principal!

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Reading with the Principal

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