Edison Elementary School

Staff Email/Webpage

Welcome to the staff directory for Ediison School. You may contact the teacher by clicking on the envelope next to their name. If a staff member has a website, their name will be the link to the page

Grade Level Directory

Office Staff

Pluskota, James Principal jpluskota@elmhurst205.org
Hamby, Dorothy Registered Nurse dhamby@elmhurst205.org
McGreal, Martha Lead Secretary mmcgreal@elmhurst205.org


Phillips, Marcia Kindergarten Teacher mphillips@elmhurst205.org

Grade One

Costello, Janet 1st Grade Teacher jcostello@elmhurst205.org
Moe, Erica 1st Grade Teacher emoe@elmhurst205.org

Grade Two

Brook, Maggie 2nd Grade Teacher mbrook@elmhurst205.org
Neitlingxxx, Kim 2nd Grade Teacher kneitling@elmhurst205.org
Nimtz, Ashley 2nd Grade Teacher animtz@elmhurst205.org

Grade Three

Mariani, Mrs. 3rd Grade Teacher lmariani@elmhurst205.org
Williams, Donald (630) 834-4272 3rd Grade Teacher dwilliams@elmhurst205.org

Grade Four

Anthony, Amy 4th Grade Teacher aanthony@elmhurst205.org
Quinn, Michelle 4th Grade Teacher mquinn@elmhurst205.org

Grade Five

Ferst, Meghan 5th Grade Teacher mferst@elmhurst205.org
Gui, Lauren (630) 834-4272 5th Grade Teacher lgui@elmhurst205.org
Ryan, Laura ex.630-834-4272 5th Grade Teacher lryan@elmhurst205.org

Instructional Classroom

Brown, Amy Instructional Classroom Teacher, amybrown@elmhurst205.org

Educational Assistants

Bennett, Nina Educational Assistant nbennett@elmhurst205.org
Hanrahan, Laura Educational Assistant lhanrahan@elmhurst205.org
Hubbard, Patti Educational Assistant phubbard@elmhurst205.org
Kole, Donna Educational Assistant dkole@elmhurst205.org
Nudo, Mary Educational Assistant mnudo@elmhurst205.org
Tomlinson, Kathryn Educational Assistant ktomlinson@elmhurst205.org

Custodial Staff

Studenny, Howard Lead Custodian hstudennt@elmhurst205.org