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 I cannot live without books.

Thomas Jefferson

Outside a dog, a book is man's best friend.  Inside a dog, it's too dark to read.

Groucho Marx

Edison Library Media Center


The Amazing Race:  Bobcat Style!  Round #5 is underway right now!  If you haven't picked up this round's challenge from Mrs. Greska in the library, do it RIGHT AWAY!  Round #5 is due at Pit Stop #5 no later than 8:15 a.m. on Thursday, April 24th.  This round involves a bit of a field trip so don't wait until the last minute!  Good luck to all teams participating in The Amazing Race:  Bobcat Style! 2014 Edition!

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On Wednesday, April 9th, our very own Return of the Talking Skunks Plus Four became the District 205 Crosstown Classic Battle of the books champions!  Conrad Fischer hosted this event at which these Edison champs competed in a Battle of the Books against champion teams from Hawthorne, Field and Conrad Fischer.   Congratulations to our Return of the Talking Skunks Plus Four!   

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Photo Credit:  Julie Jordan Scott

Poetry Starts Now!

Our 5th graders enjoyed co-writing poems with famous poets in March!  Now, the PoetryBox is in West Virginia  where more students are co-writing poems!    You can learn more about the project at www.storyboxproject.com.  Kevin Cordi expanded this idea to start a PoetryBox as part of this project and gave the PoetryBox  to Mrs. D'Angelo, Mrs. Galas and Mrs. Greska on February 28.  The box will end its journey in 2015.  Until then, the PoetryBox will continue to travel all over the world!

Edison 5th graders can now proudly say they’ve written a poem with a famous poet.   Poets who contributed unfinished works for the Children’s PoetryBox Project include: Kate Coombs, Kelly Fineman, Betsy Franco, Helen Frost, Charles Ghigna, Joan Bransfield Graham, Nikki Grimes, Avis Harley, David Harrison, Sara Holbrook, Georgia Heard, X.J. Kennedy, George Ella Lyon, J. Patrick Lewis, Kenn Nesbitt, Michael Salinger, Sonya Sones, April Halprin Wayland, Allan Wolf, Janet Wong and Jane Yolen. 

April is Poetry Month!   All Edison students will celebrate poetry in the library this month!


Bluestem and Caudill Rewards and Hall-of-Fame!

REWARDS:  The 2014 Bluestem and Caudill challenges have come to an end.  After Spring Break, there will be a meeting for those that earned the Bluestem and Caudill rewards this year.  Will it be the second annual Students vs. Staff Kickball Game?  Will it be a pizza party or an Ice Cream Social?  Will it be a Baggo Tournament?  Do you have an idea?  If you earned a reward, check back here for the meeting time and date so you can help decide what the rewards are!

HALL OF FAME:  As of this year, Edison's Library is creating a Bluestem/Caudill Hall of Fame to honor those Edison students that read all 20 Bluestem nominees and/or all 20 Caudill nominees in any given year.  They will thus be famous FOREVERMORE! We have five students that read all 20 Bluestem nominees this year and three more that will enter the Bluestem/Caudill Hall of Fame for reading all 20 Bluestems AND all 20 Caudills! Here are the 2014 Edison Bluestem/Caudill Hall of Fame inductees:  

Ellie B. (both Bluestem and Caudill)

Toa H. (both Bluestem and Caudill)

Raeba P. (both Bluestem and Caudill)

Madi V. (Bluestem)

Lily J. (Bluestem)

Ephraim P. (Bluestem)

Keira P. (Bluestem)

Ella W. (Bluestem)


 What a school thinks about its library is a measure of what it feels about education.

                                                        Harold Howe

Library Catalogs

Looking for a book?   Click the links below to see what you can find in Edison's LMC and in your public library!

Edison Library Catalog


Elmhurst Public Library Catalog

Research Resources for YOU!

Browsing for interesting websites?  Learning about a topic? Researching for school?  Interested in a famous person?  Here are some links to databases purchased by District 205 that are available to Edison students. Usernames and passwords (required to access these databases from home) are available at school - please see Mrs. Greska or Mrs. Frisoni if you need reminders of usernames and passwords, or if you have any questions.


Grolier Online Encyclopedia

Britannica Online Encyclopedia



     Celebrating a birthday, holiday, special person or occasion in your family or in your child’s life?   Choose a CELEBRATION BOOK! to celebrate a birthday (instead of a sugary treat!) Maybe you will choose a CELEBRATION BOOK! to donate to the Edison LMC in honor of a special child, family member, teacher or to commemorate holiday or event.  We appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity.

    If you are looking for book ideas, we have put together a list of books that we know students at Edison School would love to read.  You can always check with Mrs. Greska about a particular book to see if the Edison LMC already has the book.  We do prefer hardcover books as they are much more durable than paperback ones when circulating to numerous readers.

    After the donation of a book:

  • a permanent CELEBRATION BOOK!  bookplate will be placed on the inside of the book with the donor’s name, date and the event or person being celebrated; 
  • the honored student can be the first person to check out the book from the Edison LMC. 

   Upon return from the first check-out, the CELEBRATION BOOK! will take its place on the shelves of the Edison LMC for everyone to enjoy for years to come. 

    Please click here for book ideas, and thanks for thinking of the Edison LMC!


2015 Monarch Award

Click here  for a complete list of 2015 Monarch Award nominees.  Edison students from kindergarten through third grade will participate in this Kids Choice Award for Illinois students!



Nothing Posted

Here are the 2015 Bluestem Nominees!

The new list is here for 2015!  For a complete list of 2015 Bluestem Award Nominees, click here.

Bluestem logo.jpg

Here is the 2015 Caudill List!

The new list is here for 2015!   Click here for a complete list of 2015 nominees for the Rebecca Caudill Young Readers' Book Award. The Edison Library will have many of these in our collection, but not all!  Check with Mrs. Greska!


A library should be like a pair of open arms.


                               Roger Rosenblatt


A book is like a garden carried in the pocket.

                       Chinese Proverb 


There is no substitute for books in the life of a child.

                                                                           Mary Ellen Chase

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