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D205 Master Facilities Plan Website

For those wishing to stay informed about the District's Master Facility Plan process, you can click HERE for access to a repository of informational documents, including presentations made to the Board of Education.


Please refer to this graphic provided by District 205 which highlights how funds will impact students who attend Edison. Edison students will benefit from updates to Edison, Sandburg and York.

CLOSED - THANK YOU - D205 Seeking Volunteers For All-Day Kindergarten Committee

The District is looking for parent volunteers to serve on the D205 All-Day Kindergarten committee, starting in January. The committee will have three sub-committees: Early Implementation, Tuition, and Curriculum. Volunteers would help support the work in the areas of early implementation and determining the appropriate fee, if any, for participation in the program. The District cannot guarantee that all interested parties will be able to participate, but it is committed to ensuring balanced representation from across the District.

If a person is not selected, the District has indicated that there will be multiple additional opportunities for parent and community involvement throughout the next five years to support implementation of the Master Facilities Plan. The District is anticipating several large group and small group meetings running from January through approximately April. An opening meeting will be held on an evening in January with follow up dates to be determined by the representative groups that evening.

If you are interested in being considered, please email Dr. Moyer by Monday, January 7.

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