9/5 6:00pm [ Room 117 PDF ]

10/3 1:30pm [ Room 117 PDF]

11/7 6:00pm [ Room 117 PDF]

12/5 1:30pm [ Room 117 PDF]

No January Meeting

2/6 6pm [ Room 117 PDF]

3/5 1:30pm [ Room 117 PDF]

4/2 6:00pm [ Room 117 PDF]

5/7 1:30pm [ Room 117 PDF]




9/20 7pm [LIBRARY] - Minutes

10/18 7pm [LIBRARY] - Minutes

11/15 7pm [LIBRARY] - Minutes

No Dec meeting

1/17 7pm [LIBRARY] - Minutes

2/21 7pm [LIBRARY] - Minutes

3/21 7pm [LIBRARY] - Minutes

4/18 7pm [LIBRARY] - Minutes

5/16 7pm [LIBRARY]

Join us at the next meeting!

We'd love to have you as part of the discussion. Take a look at the schedule to the left for upcoming dates or Minutes from previous meetings.


The purpose of the monthly PTA meetings is to conduct the business of the organization, which may include hearing reports from Committee Chairs and the Principal of Edison School.  New business will also be presented for a vote as needed.  Sometimes a guest speaker will be invited to present on a topic to members.

PTA meetings are a great way to be among the first to know what is going on in our school and in the PTA.  In addition to all the great PTA information that you will learn in one of our meetings, you get the added benefit of networking with other like-minded PTA parents that you might not otherwise get to know.

Be informed!!  You could be among the first to know about upcoming events and programs for your children.

Affect the future!!  You can provide valuable input about the direction of the Edison PTA.

Meet some great people!!  You can network with other Edison parents, teachers and administrators.

Share the enthusiasm!!  Kids love it when their parents are involved at school.