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Welcome to the class website!  Another chance to learn new things together is right here. This is my ninth year teaching 3rd graders at Edison but my 17th year working for Elmhurst District 205 after working as a substitute and teaching at Conrad Fischer.  I also spent several years on the District 205 Foundation Board (the last year as Chairman) which raises money to support new and exciting grants that help children and teachers through the entire district.

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Williams, Donald

3rd Grade Teacher


Due 4/23 Math: Label 3/5 on a number line with end points 0 and 1. 

4/24 Math: On a number line between 0 and 3, label 1/2, 2/2, 3/2, and 4/2.

Due 4/25 Math: On a number line between 0 and 3, label 3/5, 5/5, and 10/5.

Due 4/26 Math: On a number line between 0 and 3, label 1/6, 6/6, and 14/6.

Due 4/26 Spelling: Sort Quiz

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DelRio, Sally

Social Worker,, ext 4208

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Greska, Mary

LMC Director

Jirout, Patti

Reading Specialist

Mariani, Mrs.

3rd Grade Teacher

Smith, Jessica

ELL Teacher


The District 205 Foundation for Educational Excellence was founded in 1989 as a not-for-profit corporation to create and enhance educational opportunities for students in Elmhurst Community Unit School District 205.

The Foundation makes it possible for individuals, businesses and organizations to contribute financially in a way that enhances the quality of education for all students in our public schools.
STEM  -  Thiems Grants  -  Study Skills   Community Partnerships

What We Do:

  • Support STEM Education - In order to improve student learning in the critical areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, the Foundation has targeted STEM education for fundraising. Foundation support begins with raising funds to purchase additional Nova5000 devices for middle school students.
  • Award Grants for Innovative Learning -  Through the Thiems Grants  program, any staff member, parent or student may submit a grant application for programs that are innovative and enhance the quality of education for District 205 students. Over 518 grants have been awarded since 1990.
  • Partner with Community Group - The Foundation partners with community groups to provide assistance with fundraising for specific needs, including facility improvements. It also works with other groups to recognize distinguished York alumni.
  • Enrich the Education of our Children - Keeping children involved is a community commitment. The District 205 Foundation partners with the York Student  Enrichment Team (YSET) to  provide avenues for financial assistance to those who cannot afford to pay academic and extracurricular fees.
  • Improve Academic Achievement - Since 2008 , the Foundation-funded Study Skills Academies have used staff and volunteers at district schools to assist students outside the classroom who need additional academic support.

Spring Celebration of Learning on Thursday Evening

  All Edison families are invited to attend the Spring Celebration of Learning event on Thursday.  The event (formerly known as B.R.A.G. Night) will give the third graders the opportunity to show their families what they have accomplished this school year.  The event will also showcase the young astronomers' planet museum exhibits.  The open house event will run from 5:30 to 7:00 pm.  We hope to see you in Room 109!


  The third graders have started studying astronomy in science.  They will be discovering the force of gravity, the phases of Earth's moon, our Sun, stars and constellations, and the planets of our Solar System.  As part of the astronomy unit, the students will be working on a research project here at school on one of the planets in our Solar System.  Connected to that research, the students will be creating a visual display to communicate what they learned in class. 

  You can help your third grader by encouraging her or him to look to the skies at night (and sometimes during the day) to find objects.  There are a few apps that can be downloaded to your phone for free that can help identify those objects.  Sometimes planets and man-made satellites can look like stars and confuse our perceptions of what is going on in the night sky.


Language Arts Student Learning Targets for Trimester 3:

I can ask and answer questions to show that I understand the story that I am reading referring explicitly to the text as a basis for the answers.

I can find the main idea or theme of a text using key details as support.

I can describe the characters in a story and explain how their actions contribute to the sequence of events.

I can determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in fiction and nonfiction texts.

I can read and comprehend third-grade level texts.

I can organize and produce writing a narrative to match my audience and purpose.

I can strengthen my writing through revision including conventions and grade appropriate spelling.

I can ask and answer questions about information from a speaker and respond appropriately.

I can report orally on a topic, text, or experience while speaking clearly using facts and details about the topic.

I can demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English capitalization, punctuation, and spelling when writing.


These are the overarching goals for math in District 205:

Goal 1: We will make sense of never before seen, “messy” problems and persevere in solving them.

Goal 2: We will create viable arguments using mathematics and statistics and critique the reasoning of others.



   P.S. stands for Proficiency Scale and the levels correspond to the questions on the exam. Each question is designed to measure a new level of proficiency on that target skill.

  The scale is a 0 to 4 scale.  We have definitions for each level for professionals and definitions that are aimed at the students to help them understand where they stand.  The scales are shown below.

   The level 4 questions are there to see if your student is getting it better than we did in class. They are designed to be pushing limits. In general, students should be getting practically all of the level 2 points, most of the level 3 points and some of the level 4 points.


Proficiency Scales


In addition to showing level 3 performance, in-depth inferences and applications that go beyond what was taught in class are present.


There are no major errors or omissions regarding any of the information and/or processes that were explicitly taught.


There are no major errors or omissions regarding the simpler details and processes, but major errors or omissions regarding the more complex ideas and processes.


With teacher help, there is a partial knowledge of some of the details and processes.


Even with help, there is no understanding or skill demonstrated.


Student-Friendly Proficiency Scales


I know it even better than my teacher taught it.


I know it just the way my teacher taught it.


I know some of the simpler stuff but can't do the harder parts.


With some help, I can do it.


Even with help, I can't do it.


Please save your old machines and appliances!  We are planning on having a Seek and Destroy activity at the end of our Simple Machines unit in Science.  We would like to be able to take apart your non-functional machines to find the simple machines within them.  If you need to get them out of your house and garage, I'll take them.  Thanks for your help!