Mr. Williams Daily Routines


Greska, Mary
LMC Director
Jirout, Patti
Reading Specialist
Mariani, Mrs.
3rd Grade Teacher

ELL Teacher



Third graders should read for 30 minutes every day.  Yes, that includes Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Mastering any skill takes practice and reading practice is essential.

Third graders should bring their assignment notebooks home every day.  Parents can help by reviewing their student's assignment notebook for the day's homework assignments and any news and notes of upcoming tests, projects and events.  Parents should sign their student's assignment notebook each night to show that their student has completed their reading and other homework assignments.  The assignment notebook is also a practical way to send a note to Mr. Williams.

Students bring homework and mail back and forth to school in their "Home" folder.  Parents and students should check this folder for completed work, important messages from school, lunch services and other community organizations.


There is one important homework policy that I am strict about.  It is, "No crying over homework."  If there is a problem with an assignment or project, please let me know.  A good night's sleep and having third graders ready to learn at school are more important than stressful evenings trying to get through assignments.

Every night will include 30 minutes of reading.  Many nights will include math and spelling practice assignments.  Math is usually due the next day.  Spelling sorts are done at home and can be kept there.  There will normally be spelling quizzes every other Friday morning.  Occasionally there will be additional assignments and projects.  Check your student's assignment notebook for due dates.

Math homework will mirror the problems that were done in class that day.  Your student will usually only have a single question assigned each night.   


The Edison school policy on birthday treats no longer allows for bringing in food to share.  Non-food items can still be shared with classmates.  Suggested items are pencils, pens, highlighters, dry-erase markers, or magnets.  One time we even had a student bring in Whoopee Cushions! If you are going to send something, please make sure there are enough for everyone to share (there are 29 students in our class).  Mrs. Greska the school librarian suggests donating a book to the library in the name of your student.  She has all the information on Birthday Books and can be reached at

Having a summer birthday myself, I like to make sure students with summer birthdays have a chance to celebrate too.  In Room 109 we will celebrate Half-Birthdays for those students.  If your child's birthday falls between May 29 and August 13, we will celebrate in class 6 months from their big day.


Please provide a healthy snack of fruit or vegetables for your child to bring to school each day.  We strongly encourage students to make good choices about the snacks they choose.  

Students may have water bottles at school to quench their thirst.  Juices and other drinks besides water cause problems with our school materials if there are any spills so please, no juices for snacks.

Peanut Allergies: There are a few students in third grade that have severe allergies to peanuts.  To keep our classroom a safe area for learning for these students, please keep school snacks peanut free.


  • Monday: Art 12:15 to 1:15
  • Tuesday: Music 12:15 to 12:45, Spanish 12:45 to 1:15
  • Wednesday: Spanish 12:15 to 12:45, P.E. 12:45 to 1:15
  • Thursday: Library & Maker Space 12:15 to 1:15
  • Friday: Music 12:15 to 12:45, P.E. 12:45 to 1:15


The Student Times

This year each student will have the opportunity to write a newspaper to introduce themselves to me and the class and show off their unique talents.  Over the course of the school year, as each student adds their newspapers, the children will be able to see many things in common with their peers.  This will help contribute to their sense of community.  

This is the schedule of when your child will present their newspaper to the class.  I will send home a blank newspaper form, and project outline the week before the date on the schedule.  If you have any questions, just let me know.

Mr. Williams

Logan                                 8/26

Fiona                                  9/3 (Tuesday)

Frankie                               9/9

Apollo                                9/16

James                                 9/23

Emma                                9/30

Reese                                10/7

Thani                                 10/15 (Tuesday)

Henry                                10/21

Giorgios                           10/28

Jeannie                             11/4

Estella                               11/11

Hank                                 11/18

Andrew                             12/2

Sajan                                 12/9

Megan                               12/16

Charlie                               1/6

Will                                     1/14 (Tuesday)

Harry                                 1/21 (Tuesday)

Evalyn                                1/27

John                                    2/3

Celia                                   2/10

Chelsea                              2/18 (Tuesday)

Emily                                  2/24

Carys                                  3/2

Heidi                                  3/9

Clara                                  3/16


Parent Teacher Conferences:

  • Monday, November 25
  • Tuesday, November 26 (No School - Teacher Conferences only)


  • Fall Break, November 26-29
  • Winter Break, December 23-January 3
  • Spring Break, March 23-March 27
  • Last Day of School, June 1 (this incorporates 5 Snow Days)