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The mission of Edison school is to engage all children in an active learning environment that encourages innovation and creativity to empower lifelong success

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Vision & Hearing screening will be taking place at Edison School on Monday, December 9th.  Please see the attached letter for all of the details and to see which grades will be screened.  

Please be aware that all students in Kindergarten, Second, Sixth and Ninth Grades are required to have proof of a dental exam on file with the school by May 15th.   An exam performed within 18 months of May 15 fills this requirement.  If you are unable to obtain an oral health exam, a waiver must be provided.  The Proof of School Dental Examination form and the Dental Examination Waiver form are uniform for statewide use.  If a child in Grades 2, 6, or 9 fails to present proof by May 15, the school may hold the child’s report card.  If you have any questions regarding your student’s dental exam, please contact Dorothy Hamby in the Edison office at (630) 834-4272. 

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