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Edison PTA

The Edison PTA is an all volunteer organization and we rely fully on donations and fundraising to finance our programs. Please consider supporting the Edison PTA by joining. 100% of your dues go to the PTA, and with memberships as low as $20 for a family, you can make a difference for our students and staff.

Become a Member of the Edison PTA

The #1 way to support the students and staff at Edison is to become a member of the PTA. Therefore, we encourage all families to join the PTA at the beginning of the year. With your support, the PTA is committed to fund as many programs and activities throughout the year as possible. Your PTA membership also provides access to the online school directory, DirectorySpot, which includes contact information for all Edison students and class lists. Please support the PTA and become a member!

Please join by clicking here.

If you have questions about your membership status or Directory Spot please email Andrea Tepfenhart or email Noelle Bauer.

Thank you for your support!

Where do my Dues Go?

As a member of the PTA your dues go toward:

  • Planning, hosting, and funding all-school fun events*

  • Supporting fun math enrichment

  • Showing appreciation to staff

  • Bringing supplemental education and school assemblies

  • Financially supports things the school needs

  • Providing resources and supplies to support classroom learning

  • Creating a community for Edison families to build relationships outside of the classroom

*Some of the activities we sponsor include:

  • Back To School Block Party

  • Boo Bash

  • Fun Lunches

  • Science Night

  • Mathletes

  • School Assemblies

  • Yearbook

  • Running Club

  • Teacher Appreciation

What are my Benefits?

Illinois PTA Bronze Membership Award 2022-2023

As a member of the Edison PTA, you are also automatically a member of the National PTA which provides the following benefits:

  • Expert Parenting Resources

  • Latest News on Relevant topics & legislative matters

  • Retail & consumer discounts from PTA partners.

Please visit for more information.

You will also have access to our online and mobile directory, Directory Spot; which is the leading provider of online and mobile directories for schools, PTA's, PTO's and groups.


Edison PTA is excited to continue using the app, DirectorySpot, for our school directory and calendar. You will now be able to access the Edison School directory right from your smartphone and computer. As we have done in the past, the Edison School Directory will be available to all members of the Edison PTA.

How to Login to Directory Spot

Once a member of the PTA, you will receive an email with instructions on how to download DirectorySpot and set your password. In case you accidentally delete the email or it gets caught in your junk folder, you do not need the automated email. Please visit Directory Spot and enter the email address you used to register with the PTA.

Remember - the user does NOT need the automated email. As long as they are set up as a "user," all they need to do (at any time) is:

1. Download the DirectorySpot app

2. Enter their email as the username

3. Click "reset password"

Please note:

The Edison PTA would like to remind our parents that the PTA directory has been produced for the purpose of better communication within the school community and it should be used solely for PTA purposes. It should not be used for solicitation purposes. Both D205 and the Edison PTA have strict privacy policies as well as rules around utilizing mass distributions for personal and political purposes.